Purpose-Built for the Demands of Omniverse Digital Twins

A Data Center Computing System Designed for Industrial Digital Twins

Digital twins revolutionize how enterprises design, test, and optimize complex systems and processes, requiring multiple autonomous systems interacting in the same time-space. NVIDIA® OVX is purpose-built to power large-scale industrial digital twins from the data center to create and operate massively complex models and true-to-reality simulation environments in real time.

Scalable for the Most Demanding
Digital Twin Workloads



As the foundational building block of OVX systems, an OVX server combines 8 NVIDIA A40 GPUs, top-of-line CPUs, super-fast NVMe storage, and leading-edge NVIDIA ConnectX®-6 Dx network adapters with enterprise-grade management and orchestration software. Combined with NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise, OVX delivers a fully integrated platform that transforms complex workflows for digital twins at any scale.



NVIDIA OVX POD is an NVIDIA-validated computing system is designed to further accelerate the building and deployment of digital twins. NVIDIA OVX PODs of 8 -16 OVX servers with an optimized combination of network fabric, storage, and enterprise-grade software deliver unprecedented performance for the most demanding workloads. The OVX computing system permits scaling up to 32 OVX servers, one scalable unit, without additional overhead or re-cabling.



The OVX SUPERPOD architecture enables the deployment of one or more OVX scalable units, providing low-latency networking, bandwidth, and compute performance required for massive complex simulations and real-time digital twins at factory, city, or planetary scale.

Discover the Benefits

Large-Scale Digital Twins Simulations

Digital Twins

NVIDIA OVX is a data center-scale Omniverse computing system that combines high-performance GPU-accelerated compute, graphics, and AI with high-speed storage access, low-latency networking, and precision timing. This provides the performance required to power massively complex digital twins in real time.

Scale the Most Demanding Workloads

Unmatched Scalable Performance

Scale to support the most demanding workloads without additional overhead. The OVX POD architecture provides unmatched performance and scalability with an optimized combination of network fabric, storage, and enterprise-grade software to power the most demanding workloads.

Integrated Hardware and Software

Integrated Hardware and Software

Optimized to power the most demanding workloads, OVX with NVIDIA Omniverse™ Enterprise provides an end-to-end collaboration and true-to-reality simulation platform that transforms complex digital twin workflows at any scale. Coming soon to NVIDIA Launchpad.

Comprehensive Enterprise-Grade Support


NVIDIA OVX solutions are NVIDIA-Certified Systems™, tested and validated to provide the necessary performance, manageability, security, and scalability. Comprehensive enterprise-grade support for OVX solutions and Omniverse software will be provided jointly by NVIDIA and OEM system builders. Learn more here.

The NVIDIA OVX platform will provide the performance and scale needed for Omniverse simulations that will allow us to more quickly and accurately predict the intensity and progress of wildfires and optimize response efforts to mitigate their damaging impacts.  

— Justin Taylor | VP of Artificial Intelligence | Lockheed Martin

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In our current project, NVIDIA OVX will provide the scale, performance and compute capabilities that we need to generate data for intensive machine learning development and operate these highly complex simulations and scenarios.  

— Annika Hundertmark | Head of Railway Digitization | Deutsche Bahn

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NVIDIA OVX Availability

NVIDIA OVX pods and superpods available globally through the following partners:

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